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Originally Posted by revan5
Claire should stand a fighting chance with all four limbs awakened.
If she is able to control her legs and arms in an normal way she probably would stand more than a chance. Rigardo said that isley is faster despite his huge frame of motion but if he would have the speed as clare's legs have he had probably said that isley is waayyyy more faster than him. But this is spekulation. IMO isley has not the speed clare had with her legs. rigardo also tried to fight isley so he hoped he could beat him somehow. therefore the speed gap between those two shouldn't be that large. But again, only spekulation. And besides. Isley isn't probably the most dangerous enemy clare will have to face. There is raciella and priscilla which are probably way more stronger than isley or riful. There are the dragon kin and there is rubel. Perhaps rubel can fight too and if he can i bet it will be in some kind of nasty way.
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