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Originally Posted by MisterJB View Post
but it would be very hard for Rene to fool the Organization
remember Galatea? SHe lied to the Organization and they somehow found it out very quickly
Well then her only other choice then by your own logic would be to join the Ghosts...if I'm reading you right. If they tell Renee what they know you think the Organization will really want to have her back if they know she's been "tampered" with? More likely just by hearing it Renee will realize it will be impossible to go back.

After all, why would you trust someone if you knew she'd been told your side was the bad guys? It is very hard for me to see Renee coming back if she hears what the Ghosts know. I'd guess she might be in the same boat as Clarice/Miata. Still, her loss, while not as devastating war power wise as Miata's, will hammer the Organization's ability to know what is going on within the island. Utter chaos will likely reign until they get another "Eye" to make up for her loss. Whether she dies or joins the Ghosts, her loss means an incredible disadvantage for the Organization in the upcoming fight.

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