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Funny that Accelerator also has brain damage.

Maybe he and Touma should start a brain damage support group.

Makes me wonder though if Accelarator underwent also the brain development program like Mikoto.

He seems to be very powerful at a young age. Men in black trying to shoot him then the army.

It would seem to me Academy City could very well be sanctuary where Espers could lead normal lives far from the fear of normals.

It is likely that governments are aware of their existence. Being kept secret. Magicians and the militant arm of the churches are another matter.

We learned from the guy trying to kill Touma that he is considered a threat as he is gathering friends on both science and magic sides.

What is probably frightening for the magic side is that constant association of both sides via Toama will eventually expose them all to normals.

Magicians are keeping their existence under wraps especially the church militant arms.
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