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I thought the series started out quite solid, but fizzled somewhat towards the end. Indeed, the plot was rather confusing towards the end.

What really disappointed me about the series were the villains. Seriously, I couldn't find any villain that I really liked at all, which is a huge turn-off for me for any show about martial conflict. Niwe's laugh was pretty interesting, but that's about it. The conflict pretty much failed to captivate me.

I did, however, like the portray and development of the protagonists. I particularly liked Touka and Genjimaru. The war tactic scenes were really enjoyable (like episode 9), although the generic soldiers fighting was pretty boring. All in all, it was an entertaining series, but probably wouldn't be too high up on my list of favorites or anything.

Although the Uta-warriors mini-game was very enjoyable. ^_^
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