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Also, I just realized. Momo could be the most successful burglar/bank robber ever. "How the hell did you just let some random high school girl walk into the vault and take a bunch of money!" "I don't know sir, I never saw here." "It's on the damn security camera. She didn't even try to sneak, she just walked right in!"

"Our sources indicate that the bank robber Momo is hiding in this house. SWAT, ready, go!" "Sir, there's no one here!" "impossible, there's our spy satellite clearly show that she's in this house." "Look for yourself, there's no one here? Unless she can turn herself invisible dumbass? Jeez, it's chilly in here, anyone feel a draft?"
+Yumi as Momo's Mission Control who analyzes d plans the route Momo needs to take and provides backup if necessary.
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