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Also, Arbitres, I just wanted to say thanks for the trans of the C.C. ending. There were certain parts I was unsure about, but I was able to fill in some blanks thanks to it.

And, if you have the time, could you please tell exactly how to go about getting into the KnK route after finishing the Geass Route? This is my first time finishing the game, so I'm a bit unsure how I'm supposed to go on from here. (Also, is the Narita battle in KnK different from the one in the Geass route?)
Oh, it actually helped? That wasn't something I was expecting.

The battle at Narita for Geass route is indeed different from Black Knight route Narita. Because in KnK route Narita you get to use geass at Narita to make the battle easier (Geass route = you fight JLF forces/Burai. In Black Knight = you fight Britannian forces/Sutherlands.)

There are three endings. Lelouch/Zero ending and Karen ending... and there's Diethard ending.

I wouldn't know how to go about it, just talk to Karen quite a bit in the early stages. Agree, notice the grief the Japanese suffer as well, etc etc... You know your on Kuro no Kishidan the moment the automatic battle scene in the ghetto occurs. You could also talk to Tamaki and Ohgi to fill the blanks of when you can't talk to Karen. (Because they count too.) Otherwise, talk to Rivalz or Nunnally when you can't do those, either.

Also, you should avoid talking to Suzaku at night, anyone with the '?' (Unless it's Karen at Ashford with '?'. Everyone else is C.C., who will draw you into geass route.)

By the way, could you give me C.C.'s ending dialog for Rai in her ending? I want to know if it was correct or if there was additional to it.

Anyways, I hope my ever so brilliant crash course on how to start KnK helped. xD
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