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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
I'm convinced that a central purpose of this episode was to troll the light novel readers. It's not like the author didn't know perfectly well how significantly this episode was deviating from the source material when he wrote it (it's the same writer who did the script for all the other episodes too!), which is why it's actually an episode about deviating from the source material. And just look at how furious the novel readers in this thread have gotten about it, and how serious they are that the novels are being pillaged by the anime writer! I'm totally flabbergasted that people haven't seen through the rather obvious game that's being played! Like, really, you don't get the joke?

In before someone says "I get the joke but don't find it funny". That's even worse.
Why is that even worse? Why should novel readers be amused at seeing characters they liked in the light novel be portrayed in a much more negative light in the anime? What exactly is funny about that, Relentlessflame?

And anime-original viewers are obviously being left out on the joke, unless they run across some information like what Undertaker provided. As far as most anime-original viewers are concerned, these major changes are simply ruining certain major characters for them.
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