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To be honest this episode was extremely weird for me. Truth be told the characters were very different from what they were so far (except for Kirino who acted like usual being called and oblivious to the rest of the world). And I haven't even read the LN.

Kyousuke's statement that he "hated" his sister for me was completely out of the blue. Being annoyed with her or envious - I'd agree but hate? After all he's doing and the way he's acting he could simply say he hates her? How does that make any sense really? And a minute after that he's on his knees begging for her sake. I mean the logic - "I hate her but she's my sister so I'm ready to beg if that would somehow help her" is way off.

And after reading what people have posted about the LN content I completely agree the way they changed the order of events (seemingly small yet important for character development) and the contents in general was a really bad choice. I liked this anime mostly because the characters had a lot of room to develop and grow. Now it looks rather random and illogical at times. Any major development from this point on will be pretty much forced (due to lack of time).

And as it was said, Kirino might be working really hard to get where she is, but she's also extremely lucky in general. Both of these fact were clearly shown in this episode. However, fact remains she acts like she's something more and is completely oblivious to how much effort others put in these thing and don't even get even close to where she is. While I'd agree if you're talking about people in general a 14 wouldn't really care about the others. Kuroneko however, is one of those unfortunate people that work really hard and can't achieve their goal and Kirino as her friend should consider her feelings and not practically rub it all in her face.

Oh and Kirino basically gets shielded from one of most difficult situations she has ever faced in her life thus saying she is "being spoiled" isn't that far-fetched.

As far as character development go for Kyousuke and Kirino, the only major thing was that now Kyousuke has to ponder why exactly is he doing what he's doing. I said it in the beginning of my post but the logic he's using to justify what he's doing is kind of ridiculous.
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