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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Because people are still butthurt that Saten, who was as important as a speck of dust in the original manga and was suddenly promoted to main character status in the Railgun anime, is appearing in Ensemble alongside the main cast.

This stems from the Railgun/Index schism that has been going on for a long time.

It's really immature.
I believe the original cause of the hatred towards her (and thus the negative "popularity") was that she replaced 2 Kamikoto scenes in Railgun Anime.

Other stuff were absurd reasons that followed such as balanced screentime with Mikoto (alongside Shirai and Uiharu), JCStaff director's supposed love towards her, smiling on some random guy, choice of clothes/swimsuits that makes her look fine-looking and attractive (wtf here?), constant damsel in distress and other bullshit.

On top of that you don't become MC just with balanced screentime, you need to have YOUR OWN STORY (that is NOT a part of the other MC story) or at least your actions must be equal to that of MC, which I am not sure if Shirai, Saten and Uiharu fulfill.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Eh? Hardly anyone cares about that- it was actually because Railgun fans couldn't stop complaining about no Saten cameo in Index 2 that we came up with the explanation of the two of them cannot meet otherwise it would be the end of the series.
Wasn't it because she got a lot of attention in railgun anime and lately in railgun manga, but practically nothing in Index LNs/anime/manga nor movie?
And thus there were teories that she is Touma or can't meet with Touma.
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