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Assuming I went for the crossover again

Sonic Diver Infinity
It's external appearance mostly remain unchanged, however, it's internal system had undergo massive overhaul thanks to the technology shared by I.S. academy. Field projector and Passive Inertia Canceler had been applied to increase it's defense capability, while at the same time improving it's mobility to a whole new level. Reduced dependence and advanced nanomachine preservation system allow for tripled operation time as well as nanosuit recycling, reducing flight-hour cost to a quarter of the original model.

T-301D2 Vic Viper Mk.II
Is built by applying Vic Viper spare parts to outsized Sonic Diver/Infinite Stratos hybrid frame, allowing similar transformation to it's smaller brethren (Humanoid A-Mode and birdlike G-Mode). Possessing stronger defensive measure and higher mobility than that of original viper, it nevertheless came with a drawback, such as relative high maintenance cost, increased weight, and weaker firepower.
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