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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
And we have a winner!

One of the funniest single anime episodes I've seen. Your mileage may vary, since this kind of smart (?) Pythonesque absurdity is the humor I love best. The cat clinging to the witch's shoulder and continually almost falling off just about killed me.
Seconded. While I was already expecting something from that one, the first episode definitely managed to surprise me in a good way. Well, I took a look on the manga firsthand, so the begining was quite a "wtf" and it took me the opening and another half minute to get that they were making a movie.

Anyway, the comedy level is quite high, though it's more to the fact that the movie and its making were portrayed as a quite ambiguous project. And due to its theme it manages to become a great mahou shoujo parody.

The character designs are pretty nice and animation is really good. What I liked the most were all the pans and the amateurish effects which exactly captured the essence of such a "fan/student"-made production. :)

Overall a highly unexpected but moreso an enjoyable watch. Definitely recommended, if only for the nice designs and animation and the characters. :P
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