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Originally Posted by DJ_RockmanX View Post
Requesting translation. NOW.
How about this?
Originally Posted by Hata on AQS
Ken originally want to do the complete festival, but it is impossible for just 3 DVD, and not even just the tournament can fit within that time frame,

He also has some specific moments he likes to be incorporated into the anime, but they are quite disjointed to make one story. They are:

Ch 75: Chacha cosplay and tears
Ch 164-165: Misora confession booth
Ch 35-37: kiss kiss operation
Ch 174: Yuna and dad


Disk #1
A part(176): Forming of Negima, Nagi intel gathering, Asuna vs Makie
B part(177): Battle of white wing badges, summer firework festival, Anya at airport.

Disk #2
A part(178+179): Training camp by the beach, Anya joined Negi and got jealous after "breasts watching".
B part(180): Negi sleep pillow fight

Disk #3
A part(182): Impression before the trip, Negi+Asuna Vs Eva last training, fly off.
B part(183): Summer short compilation, Kaede vs Manna, Paru comiket, etc.

There will be a 30 seconds promo for the "magic world arc".

Also, start work on 210 on the 28th, the fan poll will be announced with it, not the upcoming 209. (I think, either way it is coming.)

Beside comments on the end? of the live drama in general, he also give a brief comment on every single 32 girls (+Negi), (told you it is a BIG update.)

Continue reading the diary, but someone who are better than me in Japanese can have a go at what Ken said about the OAV seiyu and OP, (yes, he did mention the appearance of Kotaro.)
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