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Originally Posted by hchuang View Post
Kore ha hidoi yo~, hahaha.

I've never thought of it that way, but when you mention it, it is possible.

Though for me, I just consider her an annoying hypocrite, who tends to be a drama queen, who says one moment, that she doesn't want them to get hurt, and the next moment, wants to send them out on to the front lines. So, yeah, I consider her a lot simpler, but if she turns out to be some manipulator like that, than so be it.
If she really has been manipulating the characters, then she has the best acting skills I've seen for a while, since there were some moments where she genuinely seemed to be the one manipulated.

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What about her motives for seducing Saito-who,alone,defetead 70000 people(how long will we have to wait before seeing it translated at baka tsuki,i'm wonder...)was she jealous of Louise and was she after his power-when i say jealous i mean to have someone so strong protecting her?
Well, she says that she was lonely, since Wales died and everything, and that was why she approached Saito like that, which seems to me like a reasonable explanation.

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