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Ryukishi actively encouraged public discussion and cooperation for Umineko much in the same way he did for Higurashi; that is, Umineko is probably something a single person will not be able to figure out alone, and the author seems to have suggested that you're going to need the input of other people to figure things out. I other words, it's something people as a whole will need to talk and share information on to unravel the mystery.

It could then be said that the story is not meant for a single mind's reading: you're going to need input from other people if you want a snowball's chance in hell of making it through.

The current problem with Battler is that everything's new to him: he's playing by the witch's rules and is still being led on by her. Episode 12 (you'll want to watch it at least) has shown he's already starting to learn how to play and not make things a one-sided match. Suffice to say that even the rules of the game aren't exactly what they seem.

The very nature of Umineko is the reason Animesuki's VN player community for Umineko is a tightly bunched and cooperative group of lunatics.

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