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Oohh, I sorta take back any statements I had with censorship earlier.

The stupid faces are getting really silly and annoying. It's just getting too over the top to take seriously, and I hope they would stop competing to show who has the weirdest faces.

There's some crazy shit in this episode, and no wonder why my friends were telling me this episode should be diffrent. And those scenes near the end were wtf. Pretty disturbing stuff there. *Shudders* I knew Beatrice was on the kinky end, but geez.

Anyhow, the Rosa/Maria scenes during the fight were pretty cool, if not a bit short and Shannon/George were done somewhat well..

Battler, how can you make obscene jokes like that in a situation like that? And about your family member that's only a little kid? I'll give the episode a 7 for the wtfness and a few awesome scenes. I'm not really sure what's going on here as its happening really fast and the new witch may throw a screw into these things. People always want quick answers, and often times a supernatural one would fill in the gaps. But can we challenge ourselves to think a little more? That's the challenge of Umineko.
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