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Kaidan Restaurant

The Japanese broadcasting station TV Asahi has confirmed that it will premiere a horror anthology anime series called Kaidan Restaurant (Thriller Restaurant,怪談レストラン)in October.

Each episode will consist of three stories or "dishes": the appetizer, the main dish, and dessert. The first two "dishes" will deal with an ordinary sixth-grade schoolgirl named Ako Ōzora and the bizarre occurrences that befall her and her classmates. The third "dish" will be a standalone short ghost story told by Ako and her friends.

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First time starting a thread,sorry if this was made before,did a search but nothing came up,so I decided to start a thread on it.Moderators are free to delete this thread if it was made before.

First episode released by GG fansubs,many thanks to the group.Meant for kids(?),but I liked it.

Credits to Pellissier~

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