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Originally Posted by Elvin View Post
^What would you consider a "second Ever17?"
Well, many people complained about how Remember11 wasn't a second Ever17, right? I figure that means that people wanted to feel an equal amount of surprise, feel generally pleased about solving the overall mystery in the end. So I think that you would define a "second Ever17" within those same parameters.

I think that aside from the obvious reasons, people didn't like Remember11 because there was no satisfaction that we got because the whole mystery wasn't solved for us and there was no satisfying conclusion that resulted from it. Basically, we want a game that meets up to those exact same standards, but no matter what, there's going to be something you don't like about the newer games when compared to Ever17.

In essence, by using Ever17 as a standard for all future Infinity games and Nakazawa/Uchikoshi works, we want something to be just as good as what we consider the best in the series, but it's exactly because it's such a high standard that it doesn't happen.

Therefore, what I'm saying by this game not being a "second Ever17" is that I don't expect it to have the exact same amount of satisfaction that we get from it, but if it still has good twists, then that's fine. Hell, if it's even better than Ever17, then we would consider "Route Double" to be our new standard, right? It's something like that.

I apologize if I sound rude/pretentious or if you don't agree with me. I am merely stating my opinion, that's all, and I don't wish to start a fight/argument.

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