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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
Seriously, this boggles my mind. I should have been prepared for it, but turns out I'm not.

People have been taking what QB said at face value time and time and time again. They've been totally fooled 3-4 times by now. Still, they maintain "oooh, but he's never been found lying" and thus continue to take his garbage at face value ... and now, he's been telling a hair-raising story about aliens, entropy and whatnot. AND PEOPLE ARE STILL GOBBLING IT UP LIKE MANNA FROM HEAVEN! Because this confirmed treacherous murdering rat DOES NOT LIE!

I bet that if Urobuchi was reading these forums, he'd have a ball with you. "How far can I push this bull until they realize they're played for a sucker?"

Well then - fine. He's an alien and tries to save the universe's entropy "problems" ^_^ ... because he says so, and he doesn't lie.

It's not so much that people are saying he can't lie, it's more like what specific lies are you talking about because he's seemingly answered every question put to him truthfully. It's like saying you hate the red tutu he's always wearing, without ever showing him wearing a red tutu.
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