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Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
Towards the end, when Kawamori-sensei talks about why they used 完結編 (as opposed to 後編). He basically said that the second movie is intended as the finale to Frontier. (I know what you mean...he mumbles way too much!)

Ooh...really? Are there images out, like on 2ch or something?
Aah, I didn't catch the part 完結編 when I listened to it, but I did remember him saying something akin to the 2nd movie being the finale of the Frontier series... After the 5th time listening to it, admittedly. /cough/ I was torn between thinking his mumbling is cute or wanting to crash him to a chair for making my headache worse the day I first listened to it though

Ah, found the page, though it seems I'm a bit mistaken about it being a leak, after seeing it again, it's not Still, it is a Yoko Kanno interview and song commentaries-for the song appearing in the movie, which is different with every song in Netabare Album commentaries that the magazine is featuring Might be from Netabare booklet, perhaps?

Here are the pages (Credits to anyone who found it, since I sincerely doubt cheesie is using her google-fu in IRC.)

Edit: I forgot to say this, but I love Kanno's comment for Niji Iro Kuma Kuma. It's so cute~~ XD Kanno-sensei really love Aya Endou's sexy Sheryl voice lmfao, and the staffs objecting to her idea for the title makes me laugh~

/Gah, we are getting off-topic, AGAIN. ;A;/

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