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"debt" is what you owe.... "deficit" is how much you come up short each year.

So, flying is right but he swapped the words.

Now, a Health Care law that would provide Universal Health Care for people making below poverty line (which I believe is $9,000/year for an individual) or some other low-income level (like say people making less than $20,000/year individually or some such) paid for via a indirect tax (like a 5% VAT, or the like) would make sense Constitutionally.
But forcing people to buy private insurance, or even government insurance, doesn't seem like it would be constitutional based on the language and intent of the constitution as I understand it.
That's because the DNC "solution" was a corporatist cockup forced by the insurance and drug lobbies. Forcing people to "buy insurance" was a concession to the insurance lobby. Creating a public pot to share the cost of keeping healthy (a non-profit national insurance that is accountable to the voters) is something better shared over large populations than small groups (something any small business owner can tell you who tries to buy insurance for his employees).

We (the US) are effectively a corporate (i.e. fascist) state wherein the two major parties are Column A or Column B of the large corporations (often overlapping). And because their behavior is sociopathic and apathetic to the community ... it is unsustainable. The only question is how deep the spiral will go.

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