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Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
I hear ya Vexx.
We are indeed knee-deep in corporatism and it's getting pretty darn scary.
All that is needed is Benito's "charismatic leader" and we're in deep, deep dung.
Fascist Corporatism is a bit different from what you have in the US. Fascist Corporatism is the extensive use of public/rpivate partnerships and general extensive control of private companies by the state, for the state's interests. In America it's more just corporations controlling things-> a plutocracy, rule by the rich. Basically, Fascism also is far more centralised then the US is.

Again, a Universal Health Care law supported by a national tax (VAT, Flat or whatever) is constitutional IMHO.
My point was the individual mandate is not constitutional because (as Vexx stated) it requires citizens to purchase an item/service in order to be a citizen, as you also stated, that's nonsense, and thus it would seem we basically agree.
Well if the state can mandate you pay all the myriad taxes, then why not insurance.

Though I agree the Obama "solution" was a poor one. Though I suppose it's a step in the right direction.

Perhaps Universal Healthcare should be pushed forward at the state level.
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