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Originally Posted by Nagumo View Post
Translated another track.

Now to explain this drama cd in full.

There is apparently three different timelines/alternate universe.
Movie 2nd A's
Original A's

The Nanoha and Fate in this drama cd are from the Movie 2nd A's.

It is not the same Nanoha and Fate from the original anime A's. Nor are they from the GOD PSP universe.

Yeah, it's a bit weird. Apparently in the Original A's, they made a movie in their timeline as technical advisors.

But in another completely different dimension/timeline, the Movie 2nd A's is an actual universe that exists. And they visit the GOD PSP universe.
Meaning, because the Materials can't know these (Movie2nd) N+F's Book of Darkness case will end differently they won't tell how to save Reinfoce.

Originally Posted by Nagumo View Post
Stern vs Nanoha.

As always, going Maximum Power, no matter where, or what.

Spoiler for track 6:
Good to know, by A's Nanoha learned to fly and manifest her Barrier Jacket without RH.

However, I found strange Nanoha being more powerful magically than Stern.
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