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Woah, woah. Last Boss? When did sola become a Shounen series? Continuing on this light-hearted track, these revelations about Aono makes me wonder how the heck will Yorito "score" with Aono in the game. Especially if some of the theories about her being an unhinged murderess is true.

Would the protagonist's internal thoughts go something like this?

"Hmm... nee-san will break my ankles if I choose to go out with Mana tonight. Should I-

a) Sneak out of the house.
b) Keep nee-san company.
c) Knock nee-san out with medication."
~~~~ ~~~~

Are there going to be "Bad Ends" like the infamous "School Days" game? Given that Aono has the second-biggest prominence after Matsuri in the promotional material, I am fairly confident that there is actually an Aono-route in the upcoming game. So how the heck will that play out?

At this point, there is very little material for a turning point in Aono's redemption (without resorting to self-sacrifice). I can sympathise with Aono, and I feel that it is okay to do so. I will only be worried if a person empathises with Aono.

I am just at a loss on how Aono can have a genuinely happy ending at this point (without resorting to plot handwaving).

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