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This episode is why I was holding back on the 10 ratings. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I can't hate Aono. Well, really I can't hate anybody, in a pacifistic zen-like way. But all this talk of wanting to punish Aono for hurting Matsuri and Yorito... There's no need. Aono already has been justly punished: Because of what she's done, Yorito will never love her the way she wants him to. She created her own hell the moment she decided to manipulate Yorito's mind. That's why I feel sorry for her.

I was wondering if we'd get to see Nagasaki's famous mountain lifts in this show. (Sola is a secret a promotional tool for the tourism board.) Also another good shot of the megane bridge. And now I now why Yorito and Aono live in such a large house -- to store all of Aono's clothes. (So how come Matsuri had to borrow from Mana? This could be Matsuri's secret from episode 3. And the real reason Aono kicked her out.)

More flashback fashions. The sandals they're wearing have flat soles. And it looks like Aono is wearing stockings?

When I saw the milk carton I thought there'd be a picture of Matsuri with the words "Have you seen this girl?"

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But this is ep. 7 out of 13 with 2 additonal DVD only episodes. They can't play with us for too much longer and have a real resolution. Pretty soon they have to answer those questions and fill in the plot holes to get to a resolution by the end of the TV run. This should be the last episode to mess with our heads imo.
I'd say the last episode to mess with our heads will be #13. Normally it'd be #12, but I figure the happily-ever-after episode will be on the disc.

The question isn't if we'll have to deal with more cranial knots, but whether any of the next 5 episodes will give us a break.

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Spoiler for ep7:
Like Skane said, I don't think there are "bosses" in erogames. Maybe Tsukihime? But I'm in the middle of playing that, so no spoilers please.

And I'm really thinking I need to find a copy of School Days. Is it wrong for me to want to play a game for the bad endings? (I keep killing myself in the aforementioned game because Ciel-sensei is ~so~ cute.)
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