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So the secret to success is the dance opening then. Get ready folks because we are about to see a whole lot of fidgeting and flailing in the future. I'm moving to Japan to compose my own dance opening (only this time the girls are in bikinis in the video), get 2channel all fired up by using my legendary charisma and get rich and smash all the records. I can see it now, the universal formula, the equation.....for success.... hold on it's coming to me....Lolis.....dancing....a popular Seiyuu....hnnngg....focus...focus...a....n....d... ...power of suggestion towards consumers! *Takes off out the door so fast it creates a wind tunnel in the hallway* I'm Off to Japan!

Seriously though, something doesn't seem right about those numbers, I was counting 5000 copies a day usually at it's peak and if you multiply that by 7 you get about 35000+ maximum (but you'd also know what it was lower than on the day's it was below the #3 mark and it didn't report the sales). Unless I'm forgetting the numbers on the first day and they were so high it was crazy, but it's to late to go back and the numbers seem low now. I'm also wondering if they aren't reporting all the numbers sold on the daily charts because for yesterday the numbers seem really low. V6's number of units sold for the week also looks far to high compared to the number of units they were selling daily.

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