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Originally Posted by CrowKenobi View Post
Must you keep up with this conspiracy theory thing? Why can't you just give the guy his due and move on? Is that just so hard to ask?

On top of that, could you do any better?
I did give him his due, I said he called the whole thing perfectly and organized the song to make things work. There's no conspiracy here, just good judgement. I'm just saying I don't think the song is especially well-crafted.

A conspiracy theory by the way would be something like this...Ahem:

2channel representatives and KyoAni employees met in secret to organize the success of Motteke Sailor Fuku. The 2channel representatives promised to organize a mass buying frenzy and a campaign to influence the sales of the Single by posting about it on the message board and spreading the word among peers. In return KyoAni promised to give them a 10% cut off the top of the profits made from the sales of Motteke Sailor Fuku. As a result the sales of Motteke Sailor Fuku were far higher than they would have been otherwise.

That's a conspiracy theory.

Could I do better? I'm in no position to do better, I have no sponsor, no studio, no access to singers. I can't do jack all because I'm not even in the industry. I do know enough about these things though to give an opinion on them as I am a social sciences graduate who has studied business, economics, sociology and psychology. If you look at the culture of Japanese music right now, Idol singers are at the apex of popular music. Kyoto Animation had the most popular idol singer on staff for this project and knew exactly how to put her to use. Plus they knew how popular the Hare Hare Yukai meme was, so with a second chance at gaining a superhit they did another dance theme. They of course were right. Honestly, anybody could have seen the success of this song coming the second it was proposed if they looked at the popular music culture, the name recognition and popular association the song had in its arsenal, but it couldn't have worked as well without all three of those pieces. If you want to see this as a conspiracy theory be my guess, but I prefer to call it an examination of circumstances.

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