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Greetings, this is the very last last drama left in my translation to do list for StrikerS SS01.

I shall be posting the entire StrikerS SS01 translation in order latter on...

But first a request! Does anyone have the Megami Magazine Nanoha A's SSM1 ~Christmas special~ or whatever it's called. PM me if you do! Then I can start translating it!

20 – Shi-ringu Faito
20 – Sealing Fight

Rein: The battle field has been fixed/located on the ground of the riverbed. (bad translation)
Fate: Stars, head towards Lightning. Engage!
Teana: What is this? A squishy slime?
Caro: It looks… kinda cute.
Erio: Are these all part of its main body.
Hayate: It appears to protect itself it divides into many pieces and multiplies into more dummy pieces but in reality, it only has one true body.
Rein: If you manage to seal its true body, the dummies will all disappear.
Signum: If you leave them be the dummies separated from the true body will spread throughout/into the city.
Vita: The air team will gather the dummies spread out through the city. You guys do something about the true body.
Nanoha: Quickly think it through; quickly act/move on it.
Fate: You should be able to do it like we did in practice.
Teana: Yes ma’am! The attack went over there? (bageki? Bad translation)
Erio : The finishing blow (zangeki = beheading blow) went over there also!
Teana: The magic flames and multiple magic bullets had no effect on it.
Caro : As one would expect from a Lost Logia. It looks cute, but it’s really
Subaru : Erio, you think you can collect/assemble them, set your Strada into the ground and use lots of crackling lightning to blow it up?
Erio : Shall we try it?
Teana: We don’t know if we can stop it with electricity. And it appears that it’s invulnerable to electricity. Attacks that are hard to damage control are strictly forbidden. Subaru and Erio, you guys make sure that the enemy doesn’t spread any further. Me and Caro will search for its true body and seal it.
S+E: Yes ma’am.
Shamal: The recruits are doing quite well. If you compare them from before, they’re like completely different people (bad translation).
Hayate: It’s probably the result of Nanoha-chan’s teamwork training.
Rein: Viita’s also been working on her teamwork lately as well.
Teana: The readings on this one is different. Is this it’s real body?
Caro: I’ll catch it. Summon Wrought Iron ~ Alchemic chain!
Teana: The barrier expanded?
Caro: It’s unexpectedly… powerful/strong.
Subaru: Erio, coordinate attacks with me!
Erio: Roger, Subaru-san!
Strada: Explosion!
Subaru: Mach Caliber.
Mach Caliber: Load cartridge.
Erio: Strike Driver!
Teana: The barrier has been destroyed. Cross Mirage, Barrett F! (hard to hear… what the heck did she say exactly?)
Cross Mirage: Load cartridge.
Caro: I request/call for a cage to capture. From the celestial archer (Sagittarius?) arrow, the power to seal. (我が乞うは、捕縛の檻。流星の射手の弾丸に、封印の力を wow this is a lot fancier than I thought)
Kerkyion: Get set.
Teana+Caro: Sealing~! Shoot!
Erio: Sealing, successful!
Signum: Hm, not bad.
Hayate: Okay then, the action has been confirmed. Let’s prepare a complete seal for this thing… Shamal?
Shamal: Yes.
Caro: Um, excuse me Commander Hayate, Dr. Shamal. Could I try to a complete seal on it? I want to practice.
Rein: Hm, now that’s the spirit/right attitude!
Shamal: Okay then, we’ll be watching from here, so try it.
Caro: Thank you.
Fate: It looks like Caro’s back up spells/skills have gotten better/grown/more varied.
Nanoha: Yeah, she’s really doing/trying her best.
Fate: You know, sealing Lost Logia’s, it reminds me of the past.
Nanoha: Hahaha. It really does.
Caro: Let’s see… alright, I’ve done it!
Rein: Well then, I’ll just confirm then.
Caro: Please do!
Nanoha: I think I’ll mail Yuuno-kun latter about today.
Hayate: Okay then, sealing has been completed, that means our mission is over.
All: Yes ma’am.
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