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Presenting Nanoha A's SSM1

I won't be translating any of the CM (commercial) tracks, all it does is advertise the MSLN anime, MSLN A's anime and various sound stages. Not particularly entertaining or particularly informative.

Starting with the easiest/shortest track...

8 – Epilogue

Fate: Okay.
Nanoha: So that concludes things.
Fate: It’s almost time for us to part from Megami Magazine Presents Sound Stage M.
Nanoha: It’s sad that we have to part, but we can see each other again any time.
Fate: See you next month… is what I want to say but it doesn’t look possible. (looks impossible)
Nanoha: Is it possible? (Is it impossible?)
Fate: Um, yeah, it doesn’t look possible… (Um, yeah, it looks impossible…)
Nanoha: Aw, that’s too bad. But we might meet once more, so for now let’s just part with a ‘see you again’.
Fate: Yeah, with a ‘see you again’.
Nanoha: Well then, thank you for listening to us.
Fate: All right then, a one and a two…
N+F: See you again!
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