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5 – Message from Nanoha (To everyone who reads Megami Magazine)

Nanoha: Hello to all readers of Megami Magazine. It’s been a year now since we began bothering/imposing on this magazine. Our amazing seniors (sempai) and new fellow heroines were truly beautiful and fun to be with. It was amazing, wasn’t it?

Knowing that, we’re conspicuously younger than most other heroines. We also didn’t do a lot of very heroine-like stuff either (alternative translation “We didn’t get to act in a very heroine-like manner either”). It seemed all we did was desperately shout, fly around in the night sky and fight each other all the time. *… what are you talking about Nanoha-chan! That’s why 50% of the people were watching you in the first place; at least that was why I was watching*

But you, the viewers/readers, kept on watching over and supporting us. We even got introduced to each other little by little. After that, thanks to your many enthusiasm/cheers and acts of support we are able to remain here/where we are now. So truly thank you very much, and I hope that we can rely on your future support too. Because of that, this is from Takamichi Nanoha of MSLN A’s. To your heart, Drive Ignition!
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