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Anyone else on Tenshi's side so far? I suppose a lot of people will point to ep1's intro for her being in the enemy role, but I'm a little amazed at Oto's willingness to go along with it and actually shoot. It just... baffles me.

I suppose I might be putting too much of myself and my own viewpoints. I can understand a vastly different set of responses outside the more normal boundries, where Oto's probably a bit younger and less read. To him Tenshi's the one instigating, whereas I don't feel like she is.

But we really do need to see further. It's just, with his initial desire to actually talk to Tenshi, I'm wondering why he hasn't tried harder to feel her out, talk to her, ask questions.

Of course I'm in this weird "Aw. Tenshi seems all lonely..." point of view, and I'd probably feel that way right up until she stabbed me and took me apart for my troubles.

I do note (Sorry, I haven't read every page, I tried to read through what I could but there's tons) that when called Tenshi, she was confused and never acknowledged the name. So it seems like what she is could be wide open. She might even be human and like everyone else, but better at things than they are. Or this is... something completely different, maybe even a Gantz style... aliens grabbing people at moments of death for amusement, assuming they really have died, since while they all seem convinced they're dead, I don't remember anyone actually saying "I remember dying." (I don't really believe it, but it's always good to keep an open mind for interesting ideas and guesses) (Ep 2 opens up some more possibilities IMO, if it's what it sounds like)
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