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Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
Re-sized, and stolen for sig, hope you don't mind xD. I can change it back, on the off chance you do though.
That is a pretty bad resize, the scale and proportion is messed up.

Originally Posted by Komari View Post

It was a good laugh back when that first promo pic of Yuri popped up, and the 'shopped version helped too. But that's past. The only similarity between Yuri and Haruhi is being The Leader. I don't think that's enough ground to say that Yuri is "Haruhi-like".
Defintely. THey are really different. Haruhi would not have cared like Yuri does. They are great character though, so its win, win.

Originally Posted by Sinestra View Post
I dont know iv gone back and rewatched a couple of scenes and its funny when she gets shot it like its her first time. When Otonoshi shoots her on the bridge she actually looks shocked.

I still cant think of her as the bad guy i agree with Skane until i see her baby tossing or using puppies for target practice ill reserve judgement.
I agree with you too. She didn't kill Otonoshi right away in the first episode, she spoke to him, and she only stabbed him in the heart for a quick kill. Not to mention her character design is on the cute side.

We shall see.
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