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They could make the other 3 girls cameo or shows up a bit on judgment stuff. There are lots of to do. It's JC staff we're talking about. They already did that in the 1st season. What's stopping them on doing it again. Remember the first half is not pure level upper arc. It's been filled too with other mini filler arcs. Like an episode or a part in an episode centered in Misaka doing her stuff. While the other girls do their stuff. Like Kuroko worries about her onee-sama and Saten flipping Uiharu's skirt. Lots of filler stuff to do.

Azumanga daioh is a thign of the past. They can't make another season of it because it already ended. Unless they do the next work of that mangaka which is yotsuba, I think though not sure on the title. And that would make me happy if they do so.

Railgun is considered their current best seller. So a 2nd season is sure to be launch. And it's ongoing giving it more reason to have a 2nd season.
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