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I enjoyed the first episode with one exception: Hero's late middle school behavior whenever the Demon King played her gender card. Yes, I get that he's still a virgin. But he's not a middle school-aged virgin. He's a young man who's been traveling with a mixed gender fighting group for a little while at least. He should be beyond the blushing, stuttering, and overreacting stage by now at least. A nonchalant attitude would have been more believable. As he was in those scenes, he came across as a child.
There are a couple reasons for this. The first has to do with the fact that the entire book this is based on has no descriptive text whatsoever. The whole thing is like this:

Demon King: If you really insist on fighting, I'll fight you.
Demon King: Maybe, actually, I'll let you kill me.
Hero: Die, then!
Demon King: So at least give me half a day to explain myself.
Hero: ....

You can imagine how difficult it is to include any kind of fanservice when you can't use anything more than dialogue. So if you want to include fanservice (And the author did, because nobody on 2ch will read your work without fanservice.) you've got limited options. Making the hero a virgin who overreacts to any display of cleavage is one of the few ways to accomplish this.

The second has to do with the way the show uses archetypes. Everybody in the show is named after and embodies an archetype, that's why they're all "Mage" "Hero", "Demon King", etc. There was a very interesting essay in the back of one of the books on this subject. The archetypical hero in anime/games is a virgin who freaks out when he gets within 30 feet of a breast. Therefore, Hero is too.

Of course, this explains why he is the way he is, but it doesn't change it. So if it's bothering you now it's going to continue to bother you in the future. I will say that the fanservice in the books was pretty toned down, and the ratio of text spent on fanservice versus text spent on say, the advantages of crop rotation and potatoes in cold climates is about 1:9.
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