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Originally Posted by ashlay View Post
alright, episodes has aired.

starts right off with a Silver flashback again. glad to see they threw in the creepiness more (ugh head impalement and explosion). Also a nice reminder for why Margery is always drinking so much.

I think people who have been asking for fights and Guze plot development are going to be largely pleased with this episode. Pheles name finally gets dropped, and Wilhelmina leaves. (afraid we're never going to get to see Wilhelmina sad and drunk. what a shame.) And Margery's flashback opens with a good 2+ minute fight sequence. It's also nice to see more Sydonay vs. Margery, and to get a better sense of the Flame Haze community (it might only be 2 more appearing, but again, nice to see there's more than 4 of them )

anyway, next week should wrap up this flashback story, and then Sato will probably stop asking to be a flame haze.
What a relief... This arc is maybe two or three eps overdue. It gives me something to look forward to.
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