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The translations aren't really consistent. They translate whatever they want. And it's not like my position to rant. I should be thankful for it but.... it leaves you lots of question on what's happening.

Touma hid two things from everyone: one is the fact that Fiamma has a ‘3rd arm', and it appears to be very similar to his own Imagine Breaker, except that Fiamma's power can manifest outside his right arm. The second is the fact his own memory's lost. He plans to find Fiamma in Russia, and after hearing the full details on their connection he plans to beat the pulp out of him. End of volume.
I just noticed when Touma said that Fianmma's right hand works like his. Does this mean an awaken Imagine Breaker would form an ethereal form too? Like a third hand....? but I think I like better when his punching his opponents with his bare fist.
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