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Aren't people being a little too hard on the show and its flaws? I mean, just as you don't ask pears from an apple tree, a magical girl show with an action twist isn't expected to give you flawless plot execution and super-b developed characters. If you were expecting that, not only are you looking at the wrong show, but at the wrong genre. Sure, it would be nice if the plot had been masterfuly wooven, so that it would be even possible to give it an award for that, like Seirei no Moribito, Juuni Kokki or something of the sort. Sure, it would be great if it had super-b characters whose relationships and individuality showed real growth throughtout the series, like Simoun or Higurashi. What's more, it would be wonderful if they dedicated time to delve into the intrincancies of their world on how it has an influence on our characters, like in Aria on Mushishi.

But no, you are asking for something of the sort from a show whose closest relative are those of the sort of Naruto and Bleach, but with girls. Sure, it is several notches above those, having for the most part likeable characters so that you can (more or less) feel for them, having internal consistency and being realistic on its own terms, which is a great feat already for this kind of shows.

But there is a difference between that and asking a series qualities worth of a series of the year. Nanoha is a good show in its own right, considering the limitations of the genre and of the focus it had from the start. Don't ruin your own watching experience expecting something from it it was'nt even supposed to give from the start.

I'll agree with you though, that the show suffered from some deep direction problems throughtout the series, but most notable between the first and second half. If there is a flaw within the show that even I recognize, it is that they had no clear idea where the show was going from the start. It almost seems they only had a sketch of the plot and they just went improvising on the run.

Or in the words of my little brother: "Nanoha gives me the laughs every time someone uses some exaggerated technique or powerup, so for me Nanoha is like a magical girl action comedy."

Now then, on the topic of the chapter, it's nice to see a fight where there are more brains than pure "INYOURFACEIHAVEMOREPOWERTHANYOU". So yay for Teana and the league of "I-don't-like-DBZ-type-battles" Subaru's battle conclusion and its buildup was a tad too cheesy but we had already saw that coming from leagues before, so I'll have to give it it is consistent within its chessiness. On the downside the numbers are starting to fall like flies, but I guess it is to be expected with such a big villian cast combined with such a short runtime remaining. If there is ever a fourth season they will need to define better where are they going from the start or they will run in a deeper deadend than this time around.

Other than that, a decent episode, with the plus side of Teana's battle, Nanoha's exaggerated buildups and the laughter it comes with it, and some plot revelation at the end of the episode. (It seems that Regius liteneaunt is also part, albeit indirectly of Regius and Zest little circle of friends ).

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