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Aren't people being a little too hard on the show and its flaws? I mean, just as you don't ask pears from an apple tree, a magical girl show with an action twist isn't expected to give you flawless plot execution and super-b developed characters.
Actually, good plot execution is a must for any self-respecting show. A lot of shows have a fairly simple plot, but the importance is execution.

And if you ask me to give Nanoha my highest standards for character development (( as in Saiunkoku/LoGH/etc )) I wouldn't even watch Nanoha to begin with. There is however, a set-in standard when compared with other characters and previous seasons.

Originally Posted by ProtoMan View Post
If you were expecting that, not only are you looking at the wrong show, but at the wrong genre.
We did not expect that, but we at least want what is presented to us to be presented well.

As in a good balance of plot, character development, build-up, drama, tension and all that...

As it stands, StrikerS is lacking in most departments, EVEN when compared to A's. No, I'm not pulling out names like Toward the Terra where the build-up is 3000 times better than anything StrikerS ever did.

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Sure, it would be nice if the plot had been masterfuly wooven, so that it would be even possible to give it an award for that, like Seirei no Moribito, Juuni Kokki or something of the sort.
You know... we're already being VERY lenient on the plot especially when it's paper thin on a prophecy pun intended... Not once had anyone compare StrikerS's plot to masterpieces. However, can we say that it's not executed well, in respects to pacing, exposition and stuff?


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Sure, it would be great if it had super-b characters whose relationships and individuality showed real growth throughtout the series, like Simoun or Higurashi.
Subaru is well developed. Teana is. Nanoha is too. Fate too in a manner. ( In the SS )

Erio? Caro? VILLAINS? Honestly, a lot feels flat as well. It's like character development was misdivided between important cast members. And by extension, a degree of the drama is lost, since with less character development, character dynamic and interaction loses a lot of umph as well.

Like Lightning/Lutecia.

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What's more, it would be wonderful if they dedicated time to delve into the intrincancies of their world on how it has an influence on our characters, like in Aria on Mushishi.
Have we EVER complained on its worldly settings? In fact, most people didn't enjoy the history lessons, since rather than being shown, they're being told. Bad directing there.
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