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I would say that lazy and predictable writing are problems regardless of the genre or media. The way they telescoped what would happen at least half a dozen episodes in advance was hardly subtle.
Again, Nanoha has never been a show where the plot was subtle or anything. Sure, it came a surprise the twists we saw during the first season, specially with Fate introduction. But after that it required little imagination to see where everything was going, at least the bigger strokes. StrikerS did nothing but continue that tradition. Is it something bad? Sure, since it just goes to show poor scripwritting and a lazy plot. Is it something tremendously detrimental? Not for me at least, since I never watched Nanoha for its plot since it started.

I don't think we've been watching the same show. You could see very clearly how the plot was dictating how characters would act rather then what their actions being a natural result of what they were experiencing.
I was saying when comparing it to its cousins, those of the shounen and, to a leaser extent, the seinen genre. Out of all the anime genres, those have the most predictable plots in the anime world. Nanoha is higher than the rest of its family, but still she suffers from the family syntoms. I never denied that.

When it comes to the point where you have more people giving reasonable statements as to why the show isn't performing, as to the number of people defending it...

... You know something's wrong.
Well sheer numbers don't demonstrate anything by themselves. It could just be that the series is misunderstood

The simplest of example is the Caro/Erio/Lutecia interaction Nightengale mentioned. I've demand it for the longest time, yet it's no where to be found. Nobody can Seriously believe that Caro would feel that way to a complete strange, let alone Lutecia.
And I agree with you. As I said, I never denied that Nanoha has faults, I just said they are being blown out of proportion when considering the scope of the series. And within the scope of the series what you mentioned IS a big fault, since we are talking some illogical character relationship in here. (unless its just a parody about the fan's so called Nanoha school of befriending. Maybe the show is just poking fun at itself?)

The entire Stars team has more development than anyone else in on the series, you can argue that it's because they're the main characters, but so are Lightning and Hayate... And Villains deserves developments as well.
And again, I'll agree that that is another fault the show has. Sure, this cumulative set of faults will make that the show will never be within anyone's Top 10, but still we are putting aside many of the pluses the show has presented. Right, I agree that one of the points I liked the show for was that it accomplished the unusual feat of making the villians human, making them have motives, feelings and the such. We had suffered from a serious lackluster from that in the third season, but in exchange we have received some nice development of certain characters that is parallel to what we saw in the first seasons. (and since I like characters like Teana, her having more attention than others wasn't exactly a flaw in my book). Again, the idea was not bad, but it could have used better directing.

Again, maybe I have not stated my point clearly. My point has been that:

- We are marking flaws the series have, but that are not the focus of the series, and this, while bad, they are not extremely detrimental
- Inside the scope of the series, the third season still has faults, but at least on my opinion the overall balance is positive.
- My opinion, as everyone else's is not absolute, it's just a recollection of my own impressions and what I like. I'm just voicing out my thoughts since, as Chaos2Frozen said, we are underrepresented
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