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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Lemme put it a different way: If I really liked Clannad, will I like this?

It's really funny so far, but this is KEY and I'm wondering how it handles more emotional stuff.
This isn't Clannad, and there really is no way to predict one way or another whether you will like this based on the grounds that you liked Clannad - the two are fairly different in terms of mood.

That said, i would suggest you do continue for a while. Personally i haven't finished all the routes yet (though i do know what to expect from all of them), but i can say that Komari's route is probably the weakest of them all, and a fair bit of people seem less than impressed with it, so you are not alone in the crowd there. Kudo's was not all that impressive either, though it did have some nice parts ... not the end though.

If you want to see how it handles more emotional stuff, i suggest you go for Haruka's route - which is a quite emotional ride from beginning to end, and probably the most emotion-inducting of LB routes. Yuiko's is not bad on that aspect as well, and Mio's route has a pretty nice melancholic mood to it.

All that said, are you going to enjoy LB ? I am not sure, and neither can anyone else be - just don't give up on the game yet. It is no masterpiece, but it is generally quite good enough, you just happened to stumble in to worst of it from the get go
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