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I second FMA Brotherhood if you like Comedy, Action, Drama. It's one of the most amazing animes i've seen.

Im going to suggest 2 series that have no comedy in them, and i dont know what ''moe'' is. One of the shows has a 16 / 19 year old main character (atleast i think he's about that age) the serie is called Death note and might appeal to you, the story that is.

Great story, music and graphics. This show is really good, but at like ep 26 / 28 it goes downwards (atleast for me) when 2 new people get introduced in the serie.

The otherone is called Monster dont let the name fool you, its not about alien looking monsters but the monster a human being can be.

Read the text in the links i gave and see if it appeals to you, I think it will. Even though it aint really what you asked for.
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