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Some of the shows you all have mentioned, I've seen. Most of the rest I've considered and either ignored or dropped for various reasons.

I've tried three times to watch H&C without much success. I "watched" the first episode of Katanagatari and fell asleep. Maybe I should try again when I'm more awake. I've been waiting for the subs to be completed.

Casshern Sins seems to get a lot of positive reviews. I might give that a try.

@ Patch&Quilt
Higashi no Eden - Since it's Noitamina, I watched that. I'd probably give it a B.
Ristorante Paradiso - Another B/B-
Konnichiwa Anne - I've not really explored the WMT shows. Maybe I should?
Guin Saga - Started well, but went down hill quickly when the focus shifted away from Guin. (I nominated Amnelis as the worst character of 2009, though Suni was a close second.)
FMA: Brotherhood - Never got into the original; didn't try the remake.
Aoi Hana - Watched an episode or two, but high-school romance, straight or gay, isn't my thing.
Canaan - First episode seemed rather generic so I dropped it.
Umi Monogatari - Wikipedia description doesn't make it sound very appealing.

Dance in the Vampire Bund - Watched a few episodes, but it didn't hold my attention.
Winter Sonata - Got very mixed reviews. I watched a bit, and my daughter watched a bit of the live-action drama. Neither of us were all that enthused.
Speed Grapher - Another show I've thought about trying from time to time.
Legend of the Legendary Heroes - I got bored quickly in the first episode, which I later learned is rather unlike the rest of the series. Perhaps it gets better?

Those are all shows that I might consider because the recommendation comes from you. Seikotai no Ichizon just looked too much like a generic high-school comedy when I watched the first episode. Natsu no Arashi doesn't sound like something I'd choose after reading the description at Wiki, but maybe I'll give it a try. Shiki would have had to get at least an order of magnitude better than it appeared to be in episode one, but I can always give it another try since it's at Funi. As for Giant Killing, I'm usually not into sports stories unless they have something extra like Cross Game did. As for Mitusdomoe, I was turned off by the descriptions because it sounded like Today in 5-2 which I found really repulsive in the way the kids were sexualized. Hanamaru Kindergarten had the "little-girl-with-crush-on-teacher" plot, but it was very lighthearted and not really sexual. Occult Academy didn't have much appeal from descriptions.

Death Note - No, thanks.
Monster - In my top-five all time; that's Nina down there in my signature gallery if you didn't notice.

Those are all older shows that I've either watched or decided not to watch. I watched one episode of RAINBOW and decided I didn't need to see that much brutality on a weekly basis.

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