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Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
Those are all shows that I might consider because the recommendation comes from you. Seikotai no Ichizon just looked too much like a generic high-school comedy when I watched the first episode. Natsu no Arashi doesn't sound like something I'd choose after reading the description at Wiki, but maybe I'll give it a try. Shiki would have had to get at least an order of magnitude better than it appeared to be in episode one, but I can always give it another try since it's at Funi. As for Giant Killing, I'm usually not into sports stories unless they have something extra like Cross Game did. As for Mitusdomoe, I was turned off by the descriptions because it sounded like Today in 5-2 which I found really repulsive in the way the kids were sexualized. Hanamaru Kindergarten had the "little-girl-with-crush-on-teacher" plot, but it was very lighthearted and not really sexual. Occult Academy didn't have much appeal from descriptions.
Here's my feeling based on your comments:

SnI is anything but a generic HS comedy - if anything, it reminded me a bit of Kannagi. NnA - well, I'll only say that it has genuine heart and offers a highly original take on both the slice of life and ghost story genres. Shiki is a slam-dunk - it does indeed get much, much better after the first couple of episodes. Giant Killing is not Cross Game by any stretch - it really is about the sports, but the characters are very nuanced and believable. Mitsudomoe - well, this may not be your cup of tea if you disliked Class 5-2. I don't think the kids are sexualized, but the material is always on the knife's edge of "wrongness" (usually finding the right balance in my view). However, I liked Class 5-2 so take that for what it's worth. If you do sample Mitsudomoe remember that it gets much, much better after the first two eps.

As for Seikimatsu, when you look at the pedigree - great voice cast, A-1 Pictures, character designs by Gatou Asou (Seirei no Moribito) you get an idea of the overall class of the production. I think it's very smart, very funny and consistently inventive.

One last thought - have you seen Summer Wars? It's a movie, not a series, but one of the best pieces of anime over the last two years.
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