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Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
Just because he was never shown it does not mean he is not in the army. We have seen the list of zombies in the beginning but later Kishi keeps introducing more and more zombies, for example Chiyo will also be used (i guess against Gaara).
All the strong ninja should be either in the army or as kage bodyguards, so if that one young guy is now around the mizukage and Zabuza and Kisame are dead then there are 4 other current swordsmen to show. But Zabuza should have been already replaced by someone, if being one of the 7 swordsmen is a title and not just having a special sword. I guess Suigetsu will somehow end up being one of the new 7 swordsmen, so that's why he is out of the prison and will be back in action.
Choujiro isn't with Kakashi, he is assisting Mizukage. (like Shikaku with Tsunade and Samui with Raikage)

Since Mizukage has no specific role, they might be backing up Kakashi though. Remember Zabuza tried to kill a Mizukage. (even though we don't know if it was Mei or Yagura)
That way, we would have :

Mizukage vs Zabuza
Choujiro vs swordsman who used to wield his sword.
4 zombies swordsmen vs 4 living swordsmen
Mangetsu vs Suigetsu (I assume the bland looking swordsman is Mangetsu since he looks kinda like Suigetsu)

then Chuukichi comes back with his new squad and the boss battles can start. (Kakashi vs Hanzou, Sakura vs Chiyo, Juugo vs Kimimaro etc...)

Anyway, the current swordsmen have to be revealed. The only interesting point of the swordsmen is the sword and the zombies don't have them. (except Zabuza's since no one else wielded it at the time)
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