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Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
Choujiro isn't with Kakashi, he is assisting Mizukage. (like Shikaku with Tsunade and Samui with Raikage)

Since Mizukage has no specific role, they might be backing up Kakashi though. Remember Zabuza tried to kill a Mizukage. (even though we don't know if it was Mei or Yagura)
That way, we would have :

Mizukage vs Zabuza
Choujiro vs swordsman who used to wield his sword.
4 zombies swordsmen vs 4 living swordsmen
Mangetsu vs Suigetsu (I assume the bland looking swordsman is Mangetsu since he looks kinda like Suigetsu)

then Chuukichi comes back with his new squad and the boss battles can start. (Kakashi vs Hanzou, Sakura vs Chiyo, Juugo vs Kimimaro etc...)
The Kages are in Kumo. They are nowhere near where Kakashi's group is fighting which is close to the border of the Land of Frost and Land of Hot Water. The other divisions are on the field and will offer backup if they can. That was the whole pint of their formations.

I think it's pretty clear the Kages will be facing the Kage zombies. Mei also could face Yagura. Going by Kabuto's pebbles, he still has over 10 more zombies to reveal.

Suigetsu and Juugo are still in the Land of Iron. The Land of Iron is likely near Suna since the Sand group was the first to arrive at the Kage Summit. The others took much longer to get there. So they are also nowhere near what is happening and will not be involved in this fight. Unless you can tell me they can teleport like Madara.

It's Kakashi, Gai, Sakura, Lee, Sai, Omoi, Kankuro(?), fodder vs. Haku, Zabuza, Paku, Gari, 6 swordsman. That's more than enough. And more than likely, Kakashi's group will be forced to retreat to setup future fights. The bad guys have to win one fight after that embarrassing display with the Ambush squads. .

Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
Anyway, the current swordsmen have to be revealed.
No they don't. We have enough characters as it is. This war was created so the secondary characters like the Konoha 11, Sand Sibs, etc, would have something to do. Any time wasted on new characters takes away time that should be spent on what this war is for. Naruto's buddies coming into their own. Kishi already showed you who the Alliance was in chapter 515.
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