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Wow. . .
you stated a lot of things as fact that were just your opinion. I'll just pick out 2.
Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
They can't teleport, but they will fight in this battle. The probabilty is at least 99%
Refering to sasuke's team-sasuke. I would really like to see suigetsu's swordsmanship, but bee stomped him in terms of raw skill. Also they are looking for the armory where they think the sword is (thou Zabuza already has it for some reason)
Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
Remember Chuukichi is fetching Chiyo, and Chiyo is guaranteed to fight Sakura. Which means Hanzou is for Kakashi. The swordsmen are merely the appetizers. The real fight starts later.
Chiyo shouldn't have any puppets if she was rezzed anything like her grandson. So her fighting vs Sakura isn't something that would be much of a show.

Both of these events would be cool, but aren't really that plausible. From simply the standpoint of Kishi not being able to make very complex story, why/how would Sasuke's team participate in a battle that could possibly turn into some kind of crazy 3way verses just them without Sasuke?
Also what is Chiyo going to use to fight Sakrua with?
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