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Heh. The good old Diablo II Energy dilemma. Generally, putting some points into Focus (or Energy) is needed just so you can cast without going OOM after two seconds, at the expense of Vitality/main stat. In DII this was avoided with the Insight runeword (provides mana regen aura). In the absence of such an item, I think it is a good idea to pump up your mana via Focus if you feel you need more. I'm ignorant when it comes to other classes than the mage in TLII, so I could be very wrong, too.

Anyways, I started playing this game last night, and I'm having a blast. I played TL1 a little bit (think I got my mage to around lvl 40). I'm doing a 4:1 Focus:Vit Embermage on Veteran. Having fun so far at level 13. Dual wielding wands is AWESOME. You can't believe how excited I got when I my character equipped his offhand wand as I accidentally clicked it instead of a shield. Skill wise I'm going full Storm. I hope "pure lite" mage is viable end game. Dual wielding feels viable at the moment, but I'm keeping a shield with me. I can't really kite (in terms of slows/freezes) so I'm just tanking with pots. Might have to invest in the Frost tree to get some roots later.

Phew. So many good games out at the moment. I played some Borderlands 2, too, but the D2 fan in craves TLII action.

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