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Originally Posted by Key Board View Post
I rolled a 2hand hammer Engineer. Currently Lv. 25 ish

is it normal for your Pet to have twice your hitpoints and nearly 1.5 your DPS?

in practice, I'm still the one doing the most damage, but I wonder if this is normal
This seems to be the case for me as well
Though, I think I remember D2 hireling always having more of everything than my character and yet dies all the time. Lucky our pet can't die!

My current most favorite character is a shield wielding mage, focusing on P.Bolt. A lot of the time I just shoot the blasted things from off screen and come in to loot the goods

Btw, does anyone know what Wand Chaos actually do? Is there a list of possible outcomes? I mean, I'm worried that the tooltip sounds too much like Wabbajack and I fear that it isn't always beneficial
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