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my only problem with the chapter is the revelation that the 5 other arrancar besides Grimmjaw were Gilian...

thought Gilian's were the all huge dumbass look alike menos grande that Ichigo drove off earlier in the story

but when they released their zanpakutou to reveal their true hollow form they didnt look alike at all...

other than that a cool chapter... Tousen got an upgrade

Originally Posted by The Small One
I think I missed something: Wasn't Ikkaku near dying after his fight? Of course nobody really expected him to, but shouldn't he still be wounded heavily?
when we see him... Keigo's sister can see him... so he's in a gigai... guess he's healing in there?

Originally Posted by Dual247
could just be me, but on page 7, doesn't orihime looked like she's sad/jealous that ichigo cared for rukia so much, because maybe she loves him? have no clue, i can't tell a thing with all those japanese words
the fact that Orihime's got a huge thing for ichigo is very apparent since chapter 2 of the manga when she was introduced

it was downplayed in the anime
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