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Originally Posted by Dark Wing View Post
What do you mean Mamoru was her only option? Almost every guy in her class would've killed to be with her however Maria picked Mamoru more out of obligation and pity not because she was forced to pick him.
I didn't say she was forced to pick him. But she was forced to pick someone, a male, and out of all the fuckers in the school Mamoru was the only one who was a friend and cared about her. She might have felt pity for him, but considering she doesn't really like males in general and is just doing this because it's expected of her, he really was the only option.

Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
she must accept it and enjoy heterosexual relationship.
This makes no sense. Would you enjoy a relationship with someone you don't love or aren't even attracted to? She has to accept it, yeah, but she doesn't have to like it, and it's pretty obvious she doesn't.

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