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Originally Posted by Painless
I, for one, am worried about the bad influence this show could have on little children. First, in the beginning, dogtato irresponsibly rolls down a hill and harms an innocent bystander. When asked why he rolled when he could have safely walked, he says that he had only one reason - to go faster. He is only convinced to walk when he's told that his looks are better when he walks. After this, he simply smiles and proceeds to hit on girls (who he'll probably abuse in later episodes). While this kind of shallow, hedonistic anti-hero would be acceptable in a series for more mature watchers, I feel that showing this to children under 15 years of age is very dangerous.
You are thinking way too much. I think that you are a "TAD" bit over reacting. I could never interpret this anime the same way you did. I just watched it. I could see a 5 year old watching it. Hahahah, I would think a bigger problem would be if people started to make their vegetables into animals and keep them as pets. muahahahahahaha
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